Message from CEO

Our Esteemed Business Partners and Friends,

On our journey which we started in 1999, your trust and support helped us a lot in our progress. Becoming the leading company in the sector has imposed tremendous responsibilities upon us. We take these responsibilities very seriously and work with heart and soul to always carry this sector a step forward:

  1. We always strived to launch high-quality products at affordable prices and contributed to the growth of our industry.
  2. We established the first dry cat and dog food factory of Turkey.
  3. We created our brands; Champion, Goody. We introduced Turkish customers with Turkish Brands and raised them to a leading position in the market. 
  4. We transform a sector that is based solely on imports into the manufacturing and exporting sector. 
  5. We made a foreign capital partnership with the American investment fund “The Riverside Company” which has more than 80 company investments in 14 countries between 2010 and 2015. We became the first and only company in our sector that brings foreign capital to our country. 
  6. When our production started to be insufficient, we completed our 2nd big factory investment capacity four times to 30.000 tons/year. Our state-of-art facilities enable us to produce and pack our products without human touch.

    When our production started to be insufficient, we completed our 2nd factory investment.

  7. We built an extensive sales and distribution network covering 3.000 points in Turkey. Our logistics infrastructure enables us to deliver the orders max. in 24 hours throughout Turkey. 
  8. First and foremost, we provided the best price/quality balance through our Goody brand and fed thousands of our pet friends with affordable and high-quality food.
We strive for pets to have long, happy and healthy relationships with their owners and want to please all our business parties. Since we continue to work in harmony with you, we can say that we are successful in this regard.

Our objective is to make Tropikal Pet an exemplary company not only in Turkey but around the globe. Our management approach, which is based on customer satisfaction and confidence, has so far guided us to achieve our goals. Now the aim is to further strengthen Tropikal Pet with you by adding value to the sector through business relations and customer-oriented approach based on innovative, leadership and "win-win" relations.
In our journey, your trust and support has been and will continue to be our most valuable asset and inspiration.
Best Regards,
İzzet Saban – CEO